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AlumiConn - Aluminum Wiring Repair

How are you wired?

If your home has aluminum wiring, you are 55 times more likely of having an electrical related fire. Between the years 1965 and 1972, approximately 2.5 million homes were constructed with aluminum wiring. If you are in one of them, there is a solution! 

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Why Should You Be Concerned?

he wiring that creates concern is the single-strand solid aluminum wiring connected to the smaller branch circuits supplying receptacles, switches, lights, appliances, furnaces and more.


Corrosion of the metals in the connection, particularly the aluminum wire itself, causes increased resistance to the flow of electric current and the resistance causes overheating. Most modern homes have some aluminum wiring, including the main service wires, and the heavier 240-volt circuits that feed other major appliances, such as ranges and air conditioners. The higher voltage wiring does not present the same risk as 15-, 20- and 30-amp circuit wiring.

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